Dear AzureCiel- Hi!

WOW. I just re-discovered this blog. My blog. That I kinda, maybe, sorta forgot existed. Yikes. And I’m reading through all my old posts and I’m all like; Yikes. But now that I’ve found you, I think it’s time I write some stuff that’s a little bit more upta’date yeah? Okay! So! My last post was in 2010- it’s now ending 2012. Eeeee.. Anywho! Just a heads up that this blog will be loooong and thoughtful… Yep!

I’m currently in my last weeks of Year 12 and boy, am I excited about graduating! We gradutate in less than 3 weeks now and the thought of finishing my schooling years is creating mixed feelings for me. Sure, I still have univeristy to look forward to, but that’s not the same as our childhood school years! When I think about graduating, I immediately get all excited and butterflys, flutter around in my stomach. But then my heart sort of sinks when I realise that I’m leaving school. Yes, school. Actually missing school. Not just my mates, but school. No more dodgy uniforms to wear, no more seeing my friends everyday and no more nice office ladies to call my parents when I feel sick to come pick me up 😦 These thoughts depress me. But despite my future thought on graduation, I need to stay focused for the last few weeks at my high school. I have all my exams approaching fast and the teachers are feeling extra lovely by throwing everysingleassignmentandtestevercreated at me while I’m already stressing out. Thats the one part I will for sure, not miss about leaving school. And it’s this time of year that all the adults in your life begin freaking you out even more so, with the thoughts of university. Parents, teachers, every single person ove rthe age of 20, will say- “So what do you want to do?”, “What univeristy do you want to go to?”. “Is Uni really want you want?”, “What ATAR do you need to get into that course?”, “Since you have to move to attend univeristy, where’s your accomadation?” shutupshutupshutup, I can’t think! And all the paperwork that I have to sort through for scholarships and accomadation and applying for the course, and applying for a job in the city I’m moving to. So stressful! Why do people do this to us poor Year 12′s?! Here’s another little flaw in the fact that I’m in my final year of study. I CAN’T DO ANYTHING. For example, my parents have been holding off on our family holiday all year because my teachers kept saying that I couldn’t miss out on any school work. Which is fair enough, cause school work is pretty important. But the two weeks that are suppose to be set aside as ‘school holidays’ has been totally disregarded! My mother booked a trip for my family to head over to Queesland (the greatest place to holiday ebarrr) for a week, buuuut guess who can’t go BECAUSE HER ROTTEN SCHOOL SET HER EXAMS DURING HER HOLIDAYS? This guy. And by this guy, I MEAN ME. I’m so upset! Holidays are meant to be that, are they not? Have I been brought up my entire life, thinking that holiday’s are meant to be a time of holidaying, when in actual fact, the definition is to sit at home, while everyone else goes out to have a great time, studying for a ton of stupid exams? Silly me, my mistake! Grrrrr 😐

On another note, I got my car licence! I actually love driving a car. I meeped around town on my little moped for all of 2011- which was great when it was warm, but soso lame when it was raining or minus 5943852 degree’s. I actually fell of it once, which wasn’t so great. I left the hospital with a big, dirty cut on my right knee and five stiches holding it all shut. Whoops! But a car is so great. I can carry people around with me, I can listen to my music and I can still have the wind blowing through my hair, just like a moped! 🙂

What else can I tell you? So much has happened but I can’t remember any of it. I got vice-captain at my school which is good. I had a major fallout with one of my supposed best mates which isn’t that good, but I found a group of lovely girls who are pretty good. My predicated ATAR stated that I’m on track to go to university in the course I want, which is good. And everyone is my family is going pretty good as well. Aaaand that’s all I can babble on about, for now blog, simply because I have forgotten anything else that may have any sort of importance.

Sarah x


dear holidays! ..

its that time of year again –

and boy am i glad they have finally arrived.
many people i know, have commented saying how this year has flown past and how they’re going to miss it.
Yeah, i’m not gonna miss 2010.. im going to miss the people i met through-out it.

and, guess what, i have moved up to the high – high school for year 11.
i went there this past week, and boy. did i haaate it.
its totally different – there are no bells for heavens sake! how am i suppose to know when lunch is over?
speaking of lunch, i use to have 40 minute lunches. by the time i locate my mates and we finally sit down, i have 5 minutes to scoff my lunch down, and then hurry across the campus, to my next class.


moving on from the disaster that is my current life,
my mates and i are having a christmas party! 🙂
we have done secret santa, and on the night, we’ll give the presents out..
how exciting!

OH. i almost forgot.
i haven’t recieved my last report yet. weird.
BUT, i have managed to score awards at recent ceremonies, and guess what?
two trophes, 3 certificates and $250 dollars later, i am one serrrriously happy chickadee.
whoo-hoo :3

and i got a new camera. its actually a video camera.
daddy bought it for me :3

i think thats all i can ramble on about, for now.

but don’t worry –
there will be plenty more,
coming your way.

love s

dear brendon hutchings..

i hope you read this because..
wait, i know you’ll read this, because you are a pedo, stalking my blog.

aaaaanyway, just thought i’d tell you that i forgive you for the water fight.

sort of.
plus, i am the best.
plus, i am the coolest.
plus, i am a billion times cooler than you.
plus, here is an extra fullstop for you, just because i know you hate it, when i continuously do it.



catch ya later paaal.
love s